Fruit Oase Grenadine Fruit Squash 0,75 liter

Fruit Oase Grenadine Fruit Squash 0,75 liter
Our Fruit Oase Grenadine squash is soft and sweet in taste.
Made of, among other things, fruit juice, sugar, natural aroma.
Thanks to the combination of sugar and (natural) aroma, Fruit Oase Grenadine squash contains fewer calories than regular (children's) drinks.
Only 56 Kcal per 200 ml.
A bottle of fruit squash gives no less than 6 liters of delicious fruit lemonade.
Try all 7 flavors!
Our squash is also delicious as a dressing on ice cream, sorbets, custard and pudding, yogurt and cocktails.

Brand: Fruit Oase
Contents: 750ml


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