Landpark Bio-Bron sparkling lemonade with lemon-elderflower flavor 0,75L

Landpark Bio-Bron sparkling lemonade with lemon-elderflower flavor 0,75L
Bio Mineral Water is a traditionally recognized German Quality Mark that is based on three pillars: purity of the water, environmental protection and sustainability. Landpark is won net over the border in Germany by our partner Stiftsquelle. Bio mineral water goes beyond a clear water quality; Landpark uses a minimum of expensive prices and rates for a healthy lifestyle through a balanced ratio of minerals. It undergoes the most stringent quality control. In addition, it protects the door through sustainable energy and short transport routes. Landpark is also sustainable in using the source. Nowadays social factors also play a role; in this way it makes jobs safe for people at a distance from the labor market.
Landpark Bio mineral water slightly sparkling with lemon-elderflower flavor 0,75L has the European organic label (the green leaf).
Click here for more information about Landpark or here for a short film.

Brand: Landpark
Contents: 0,75L
Taste: Lemon-Elderflower


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